How to Avoid Writers Block – 20 Blog Post Ideas

As I sat down to write todays blog post I found myself struck with the dreaded writers block! It happens to the best of us, you spend all week planning and writing a blog that you pore your heart and soul into only to struggle with what to write about the following week, this inspired me to come up with my top 20 ideas on what to write about when suffering with writers block in hopes this can help you during your time of need.

1 – What I eat in a day

2 – Get ready with me

3 – Review a product you’ve recently purchased

4 – Share a recipe

5 – Try a life/beauty hack and share the results

6 – Share a scary experience

7 – What were your new year resolutions and did you achieve them/ what do you want to achieve next year?

8 – Product empties (products you’ve recently run out of)

– Clothing Haul

10 – Write about people who inspire you and how they impact your life

11 – Share your makeup/skin/hair routine

12 – Do a what’s in my bag

13 – Share some tips on what to do when you’re bored

14 – What’s on your bucket list?

15 – Take part in a 30 day challenge and share your results

16 – 5 Halloween/Christmas movies you would recommend

17 – Share your wish list

18 – 5 bloggers you would recommend/ favourite bloggers

19 – Do a “Day in my life”

20 – Share 20 ideas to help overcome writers block!

I hope this list helped inspire you for future blog posts whether you’re currently suffering from writers block or not! Let me know some of your ideas in the comments below 

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