Proativ+ Review/First Impressions – How to deal with Cystic Acne


For the past couple of years I have suffered from Cystic Acne, it wasn’t until I took a trip to the doctors after trying every possible solution to cure my acne, that I became aware of what Cystic acne actually was.

“Cystic Acne: This is a type of localised inflammation (abscess) formed when oil ducts become clogged and subsequently rupture. Cystic acne is most common in the teenage years. Treatment includes topical and systemic antibiotics, topical retinoids and isotretinoin, a systemic retinoid.”

To simplify, it’s basically large spots that form under the skin, which is usually treated with prescription medication rather than facial washes and at home treatments.  I personally found that spots would go down only to come up in the exact same area and the affected area would hurt without even having to touch or move my face/back. If you think you may be suffering from Cystic Acne please see a doctor before using any medication as this can often make your skin worse!

Proactiv+ – 3 step treatment

As mentioned above in order to treat my skin I have been prescribed medication that helps clear my skin. However, due to the products being so strong it bleaches my bedding, tails and flannels! The prescription says to use once a day (at night) and a fingertip amount for your whole face/back, which is exactly what I done for a week and I could see my skin making progress! However, on the second week I was washing my face in the morning with just warm water when my skin started to feel like it was burning! Rushing to the mirror I was shocked to see that from my eyes to my chin, my whole face was bright red, making it look like I had a red beard! This lasted for 5 days, which just so happened to include a weekend away with the family..

Since the red beard incident I have limited my prescription usage to 3 times a week and even then I can still be left with red patches just minus the burning sensation! Afraid that by cutting down on the medication my skin would start to get worse again, I spoke to my doctor to see if there was anything he would recommend using alongside, this is how I was introduced to the Proactiv+ 3 step treatment!

With this kit you get 3 products, a skin exfoliator facial wash, a pore targeting treatment and a complexion perfecting hydrator. This is supposed to last you for 6 weeks and cost me £50 from my local boots.

How to use:

It is recommended that you use this product twice and applying the products as below:

Step 1 – Start by rinsing your face with warm water, then applying a coin size amount to your hands working it into your skin for 1 – 2 minutes. Finish by rinsing again with warm water and then patting dry. Unlike most exfoliators I have tried in the past, this is gentle on the skin but still leaves it feeling soft!

Step 2 – Apply a pearl sized amount of the pore tightening treatment all over your face, then leave this to sink into the skin before applying step 3.  I find this product to have a tacky consistency once it has been worked into the skin, which I personally enjoy!

Step 3 – Finally, apply a pearl size amount of the complexion perfecting hydrator all over your face and you’re good to go!


After using the kit for 4 weeks, I can say that this has helped keep my skin clear while using alongside my prescriptions. During these 4 weeks I have still developed spots but have found that this has kept them from getting as large and painful as they previously did and have noticed an  improvement in the appearance of my under the skin bumps in my nose area!

I would recommend this kit to anyone who has problem skin as I have never found a skincare product (not prescribed) to work so effectively without having other side effects such as dry and irritated skin or leaving my face looking red.

Hope you enjoyed this review on the Proactiv+ 3 step treatment! Have you tried this product? If so let us know your experience in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Proativ+ Review/First Impressions – How to deal with Cystic Acne

  1. This is good to know, because I suffer from cystic acne and I hate it! I use to use Proactive and it helped for a couple years then it stopped. Then I tried the extra strength proactive and it made my face really dry so I stopped. Maybe the new formula will help, who knows.

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