September Favourites

September has more or less come along in a massive flash – almost feels like September didn’t even happen! I can’t really complain too much because October, November and December are my favourite months of the year. I mean, I can’t be the only person thinking about Christmas presents already..

Even though September has ended in a hurry, I have still managed to discover some of my favourite things from the month. From gym clothing to TV programs, there’s something here that I’m sure everyone loves!

Let’s start with something a little more random; my TV program of the month has to be awarded to Dr. Foster – please tell me you have all watched this amazing series! If for some strange reason you haven’t watched it, then that’s how I suggest you spend your next Sunday.

Victoria’s Secret is well know for their racy lingerie but they are becoming even more popular due to their scents. I used to think that their body sprays were over priced but I couldn’t be more wrong! Someone in my office would spray Victoria’s Secret Coconut passion body spray every time they  got back from lunch and the smell is truly delicious! I obviously had to get my own bottle and it was certainly a win.

As you may have realised from my last post, I have found the gym (finally) and have to admit I am more interested in the clothing rather than the physical activity. So my next favourite has to be my gym leggings. My Nike dry fit tights are so comfortable and surprisingly very flattering. They are definitely my go to gym bottoms.

My last favourite was obviously going to be makeup related because I am me and that is my passion. This isn’t a new product but one I have neglected the past few months. So, my beloved Hourglass trio blush palette is back on the scene and I couldn’t be more excited. I am secretly hoping they bring out a new holiday edition this year.

Let us know what you have been loving this September and tell us what you are excited to try within the next few months! Has anyone else started to think about Christmas yet, or am I a little too eager?

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