Purse Size Beauty Products for on the go Makeup Addicts!

When it comes to beauty it’s often thought that in order to transform or at least make ourselves look somewhat run way ready we require eyeshadow and contour pallets, straighteners, lipstick and lip liners, the whole shabam! All though I use all the mentioned products and more when going out out or even for a meal, I have found that just five products can do the job just as effectively!

Product one – Bourjour Concealer

This pocket size concealer is perfect for covering dark circles, acne as well as brightening any area. Not only will you be able to cover any unwanted imperfections but there will be no need to pack setting powder as I find that this product has minimal creasing!

Product 2 – Benefit Mini Hoola Bronzer

What I love  most about this product is that even though I can bronze my face, making my look more awake with a healthy glow, but this can also double up as an eyeshadow! I find that this hack flatters all eye shapes and colours. For those who have darker skin tones try this why a blush, adding a pop of colour to your eyes as well as your cheeks.

Product 3 – Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam

Probably the strangest dry shampoo I’ve tried but also the coolest! This purse friendly dry shampoo gets rid of any oil that has formed but also gives extra volume turning any bad hair day into a great one! Simply squirt a small amount of the product into your hand then work into your roots (I have to admit at first it does feel strange applying a cream to your hair) after 10 seconds the foam will have vanished leaving you with a perfect head of hair!

Product 4 – Vanilla Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm

As winter is slowly approaching (thank god!) it’s around the time of year that my lips start to shrivel up to the point where a slight inhale can cause them to tear! So I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect lip balm that doesn’t absorb after 5 seconds. The Vanilla Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm has been a life saver! I apply the product every morning before leaving for work and 3 hours later once I’ve arrived my lips still feel moisturised. I’ve recommended this product to many of friends and co-workers and they’ve all said how amazing it is! I keep this product in my purse as not only does it apply a shine to your lips but also makes them appear larger (something I certainly appreciate) this product is also available as a tint, so if you prefer a more rosy lip be sure to check those out!

Product 5 – Benefit Mini Roller Lash

I’m sure you’re all aware that nothing can quite complete a look like lashes! Roller Lash may be the most popular mascara at the moment and all for good reason! The wand makes it easy to apply and get to the roots of your lashes, but also keeps your lashes looking more curled and longer than ever! The mini version is perfect for taking with you on the go to complete any look.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! What purse size products could you not live without? Let us know down below x

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