Mini Clothes Haul & A Little Wishlist

The weeks leading up to payday are sometimes the most exciting. Spending my evenings and work breaks surfing the internet looking for clothing inspiration. By the time I get paid on the last Friday of the month, I’ve usually gathered a huge list of things in my ASOS basket to purchase – almost as soon as that money hits my bank account, I;ve sent for delivery!

This month was no exception, however the mini haul was a little more exciting than usual..As the temperature is beginning to drop and the days are getting shorter, the fashion (inevitably) is changing. I don’t know about you, but my most favourite clothing seasons have to be autumn and winter – I guess I just love and jumper and thick soled boots!

Just as usual, on Friday the 25th August, I made my monthly payday purchase and here are my favourite items that made the cut;

White Frill Neck Pussybow Blouse – River Island £38

Bow Blouse

Beige Faux Leather Zip Front Mini Skirt – River Island £32


Back Check Zip Front Mini Skirt – River Island £32

Check Skirt

Now for the exciting part…My wishlist. These are just some of the many items that have accumulated in my online shopping baskets since my last splurge:

Black Faux Leather Zip Biker Mini Skirt – River Island £32

Black Skirt

Khaki Chenille Longline Cardigan – River Island £36

Cardigan Khaki

Red Lace Frill Sleeve Top – River Island £35

Red Blouse

As you have probably gathered, there are many more items sitting in my virtual shopping basket, but this blog post would possibly never end if I continued this wishlist!

We would love if you could inspire us with some of your favourite items of clothing this season – either comment with the product linked below or Tweet us a pic! We may even feature you on our Instagram! Don’t forget..We are doing a 1,000 follower giveaway on Instagram (we are so close and would really appreciate your help).


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