Monthly Favourites – August


As we reach the end of another month and begin my favourite four months (Halloween, Christmas eve, Christmas, I’m a celebrity get me out of here!) I thought it would only be suitable that today’s post was a monthly favourite!

Clear and Clean – Reduce black head toner

After thinking I had finally found a skincare routine that works for my skin I fall into a drought of what I would consider the worst my skin has EVER been! This got my thinking about what I used to do when my skin was at its clearest. While I was at school I would get the odd spot but often found that within 3-4 days it was gone and my blackheads where never as bad as they are now and all I done was a simple two step routine! The first product I would use was the “Clear and Clean – Reduce black head toner” that cost a miner £4.00 from boots or Superdrug! Simply place the desired amount on a cotton pad and wash over your skin paying extra attention to problem areas. After using this for just one week I already notice a massive difference in the appearance of black heads and large pores!

Simple moisturiser

Part two of two, of my simple school skincare routine is the “Simple Moisturiser”. As someone who suffers from oily skin I used to fear adding moisturiser to my daily routine in fear that it will make things worse, when in fact it done the complete opposite! Adding moisturiser to your skin allows you skin to be hydrated without having to produce extra oil. I have tried all kinds of moisturisers from drugstore to high end and found that this was the most effective!

Boots Skin Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

As I previously mentioned I suffer from oily skin, and no matter how much I wash, tone or moisturise my skin I always seem to have shiny/oily skin within hours! While I was on my lunch break I popped into boots to by some lunch when I found myself in the beauty section (common mistake) when I noticed these. Having seen Youtubers use these in the past I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try and may even end up helping my oil problem. These did just that! Not only do these absorb all excess oil but they can also be used on top of makeup without removing any product! Being the perfect size to fit into a small bag or purse means that you can take these anywhere.

Anastasia Powdered contour pallet

For those of you who have read my Anastasia Powdered contour pallet first impressions post then you know I was a massive fan of this product! This pallet has all the right shades for my skin tone (light) which is something that I have always struggled with when it comes to contour and brightening powder. Not only do you get high quality products for your money but the pan sizes are big, not to mention refillable. If I were to recommend any product from the ABH Line it would be this product!

Slay all day setting spray

This product really does do what it says all on tin! I often find that after an hour or so, powdered products seem to come off my skin or my under eye area starts to crease. I have now used this product to set my makeup when going to work, BBQs, clubbing and just general outings and my makeup lasts all day without fail! Friends have also borrowed this product when going out and have since purchased the product for themselves! The Slay all day setting spray comes in the range of different scents, my personal favourite being the coconut!

Hope you enjoyed this monthly favourite, feel free to follow us to be notified when we next post!

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