Let’s Talk About: Hair

Hair isn’t a topic we usually cover on the blog, but it’s actually a big part of our lives. It occurred to me the other evening – whilst I was blowdrying my hair – that I continuously use the same hair products.

My Hair Type:

I was blessed by the hair gods because they kindly gave me a full head of thick, naturally dark, long hair. However..where there’s a blessing there is always a curse.


  • No need for fussy extensions.
  • Want to leave it natural? You can do that.
  • Feeling cold? You can use your long locks as a scarf.
  • You feel like a mermaid


  • Wearing it up will give you the mother of all headaches.
  • If it’s windy you can rule out wearing your favourite lipgloss.
  • Hot day? I’m going to stick to you like crazy.
  • Washing your hair is the biggest chore of your life.

Like most, I have experimented with the colour of my hair: black with bleach blonde highlights, full head of blonde wovens, box dyed black, even had a little purple thrown in the mix. After years of failed hair attempts, I have finally found peace with the colour and style. My hair is in the best condition it has been in for years. A slight blonde balayage and a simple one length cut with some shape at the front, easy to style but a nightmare to brush!

As always, styling and colouring your hair will come at a price therefore I find myself paying more attention to my locks now i’m content. So, here are my ride or die, affordable hair products;

The Products:

If you would like an indepth hair care routine, let us know below! We always love to hear from you. Make sure you check out our Instagram and follow for a chance to be entered into our 1,000 follower competition.





4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: Hair

  1. Unlike like you I wasn’t blessed with thick hair hahaha. My hair is so fine, oily and thin that it looks so flat all the time. I’ve totally given up on my hair hahaha. The only positive thing I can think of, is that it grows super quickly.

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