River Island Wishlist

So the weather is starting to turn and we are in that awkward ”Don’t know what to wear” stage. It’s so difficult because it can rain and be pretty cold on your way out the door, but you’re soon moaning about the heat and the lack of air half way through the day.

As River Island seems to populate most of my wardrobe, I have picked out a few key pieces I think will help you through this troubling time..

Shirt Dress £50

Shirt Dress

This is first on the list because shirt dresses are generally ok for most parts of the year. They are practical during this awkward phase because they can be worn with a cardigan thrown over them or have the sleeves rolled up when the heat kicks in.

Cardigan £20


My mum once said that layering is key when the weather starts to turn..It allows you to wear multiple items of clothing when the temperature drops but also allows you to have a nice, smart outfit when the layers come off. Usually I will keep a plain cardigan at my work at all times to ensure I am never cold in the office – I’m sure we have all fought over the air conditioning at some point.

Cropped Trousers £40

Cropped Trousers

If I am ever in doubt..I will almost certainly stick on a pair of black cropped trousers. They are just to versatile and can be pretty breathable when it’s warm but not as exposing as a skirt when the mornings are a little cool.

Umbrella £12


As the weather is so unpredictable during this time of year, we need to be prepared at all times. That’s why I recommend carrying an umbrella with you at all times. You can’t exactly beat a plain black umbrella either, there is no chance it can ever clash with your outfit – perfect!

Sunglasses £5


The sun can be extremely low and intense during this season, so I will never leave the house without at least one pair of sunglasses. I have the fortune of driving to work but it does have it’s downfalls that’s why I have to keep a pair in the car at all times! In this case, I would say keep it simple but big. Nothing looks more chic than a huge pair of black lense glasses on a Monday morning.

Let us know what items you recommend for this unpredictable British weather. As always, we love to read your comments! P.s we follow back on all social media platforms so make sure to check us out!






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