Getting Rid of Under-skin Bumps – La Roche-Posay – Two weeks results!

So I have finally reached the end of the two week trial period in which I set out to try and get rid of my annoyingly stubborn under the skin bumps.

As a reminder or a bit of background knowledge for those who didn’t read the first post, I was told by a skincare professional in Boots that by using the  La Roche-Posay face wash with the K+ serum, along with doing a steam to open up the pores and a blackhead removal tool that I would be able to FINALLY part with my bumps.

Since starting I have used the La Roche-Posay products every day without fault, however, as someone who works 9.30 – 5.30 along with 4 hours travel, finding the time and energy to do a steam can be quite difficult. So instead of doing this every other day, I managed to do so twice a week, on Saturday and Wednesday. When it came to using the blackhead removal tool, I did this every other day and found that this did help a lot with reducing the look of blocked pores.

Below I have inserted what the affected area looked like before and after starting this “journey”.


As a side note I do have to say at one point during the two weeks my skin had appeared smoother and clearer than pictured, but just as the end of the two weeks was approaching I suffered from a massive break out (typical!).

As you can see the appearance of blackheads, spots and under the skin bumps has reduced, which I’m over the moon about. For so long I have been trying to find the solution to getting rid of these not so appealing lumps and I think I may have just found it! The only con I have found to this experience is that the La Roche-Posay k+ serum can run out quite quickly, but non the less I will not hesitate to repurchase these products again and again.

I hope you have enjoyed this review/post, got any ideas as to what you want us to discuss next? Let us know down below!

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