A Primer For All: Top Four Primers

Our skin is different everyday so we have to cater our makeup accordingly. I personally think that the primer we chose really reflects what type of makeup day we are going to have. So here is a list of my top four primers and when I would choose to wear them;

Makeup Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizer:

This product is marketed as a mattifying primer and that it truly is! I always opt for this primer when I it’s either extremely hot out of my skin is oily. During certain times of the month my skin decides to become quite oily (annoying) so this product is always handy. When you apply this you can feel it mattifying almost instantly. Be aware.. do not rub this in, only pat a small amount in the oily areas – not over your entire face – or you will have to redo your base makeup!

Rimmel Good To Glow 001:

This is technically a liquid highlighter, however I find it pretty useful for more dull skin days. I like to use this as a primer when my skin is pretty dull and the sun is shining. I would usualy apply this – sparingly – before applying a light coverage foundation such as Chanel Aqua Lumiere. This can look really radiant but does nothing for the longevity of your makeup nor the texture of your skin.

NYX Angel Veil:

I bought this simply because Amanda Ensing would absolutely rave about this in almost every video. I usually spend a little more on primers so I was pretty hesitant when I purchased this however I was pleasantly surprised! This is more or less my everyday primer. It’s non drying, non oily and it does improve the application of my makeup – which I highly appreciate.

Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer:

I won’t spend too much time talking about this product as I have previously written a post dedicated to it (go check it out) but I will say, after further use, this is a perfect hybrid of the NYX and Makeup forever primer. More of less the perfect everyday, mattifying primer. I would recommend this to everyone!

Let us know what primers you swear by, we are always excited to try new things! Don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms – we always follow back. Plus..we will be doing a giveaway at 1,000 Instagram followers.



5 thoughts on “A Primer For All: Top Four Primers

  1. Love the post! I have always wanted to try the NYX and MUFE primer. Heard so many great reviews. I currently use the LOreal Infalliable mattifying base primer. I really like that one! Will try the NYX one soon. Or maybe wait a bit and get the UD one!

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  2. I love to try new primers out so this has helped a lot, I love how you have got one for different skin types which is great… thanks for sharing 🙂

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