Travel Beauty Guide: Holiday Edition

Summer holidays are the best type of holidays. Your hair gets lighter, your tan gets darker and your skin gets better. However, this change in appearance means you need to change up your beauty routine…

Travel Beauty Guide: Holiday Essentials



Makeup products:

I find that I wear hardly any face makeup when my skin clears, and having a tan really does improve my complexion. I can’t be the only person who ditches their usual makeup when going abroad? I can slash the time it takes for me to get ready with these few simple products;

OSKIA Renaissance 360 – I have previously done a post all about OSKIA products and if you’ve read it, you’ll know that I wasn’t the biggest fan of this moisturiser. However.. after taking it away with me (due to it’s convenient size) I can safely say that I have been enjoying this greatly! I like to use this morning and evening because it controls my oils and calms my skin after a day in the sun.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows – I actually can’t live without this product.. I wear it during the day to tame and tidy my unruly brows and reapply during the evenings for a more structured look. I couldn’t recommend this product enough! By far the most essential travel beauty product.

By Terry Cellular-Rose Brightening cc Serum – this stuff is just great skin in a bottle. I mix this with my usual foundation for the first few evenings and once my skin has cleared up I can use this as a complete alternative.

Nail Scissors – This may be really lame but it’s an essential we sometimes forget all about! Just bought a new dress for your first evening on the strip? Eyelashes not fitting correctly? Scissors will do the trick every time. From cutting out clothes tags to perfecting your false lashes, you should always carry a pair in your beauty kit.

Manuka Doctor Lip Enhancer – I am very conscious about the size of my lips and I find sitting my the pool, wearing no makeup makes me even more paranoid about it. Instead of piling on the lip liner on my bare face during the day, I just stick on some ”lip balm”. This lip enhancer by Manuka Doctor just brings me the confidence I need, it adds a subtle amount of plumpness and prevents my lips from burning (always a bonus).

We would love to hear about the beauty products you take away with you – just comment below or contact us on our Instagram and Twitter. We love a good conversation! I was thinking about doing a Travel Beauty Guide: Hair & Body edition so let me know the comments if that’s something you would be interested in!

P.s. Our Instagram giveaway is still happening. Helps us reach 1,000 followers to be in with the chance of winning the giveaway.



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