Morphe 9B The Blushed Blush Palette

As some who loves a good blush I was very excited to find that one of my favourite brands has a blush palette for just £17.50! Morphe is famous for it’s low prices and high quality products, so there was no doubt in my mind that this palette was going to be a big hit.

I ordered my palette from beauty bay and managed to get next day delivery (I may have gone over bored with my order…) and by 2.00 pm my package was with me! If anyone from the UK is looking for products that can’t usually be found over the counter I would highly recommend Beauty Bay as I have ordered from their website multiple times and have never had a negative experience.

This palette comes with a selection of 9 blushes, from a subtle rose blush to a more harsher red tone that will look stunning on a more darker completion. As I mentioned before Morphe are known for their pigmentation but this palette was on another level! I used the lightest tone from the palette just to add a hint of warmth to my face and ended up having to use my beauty blender to tone it down! So I would recommend using this palette light handedly in order to avoid any clown moments.

Each pan size is 2 1/2″ (source Morphe) so you definitely get a lot of product per pan, especially compared to other blushes on the market within the same price band.

Due to this palette being highly pigmented, these shades can be used on the eyes to create a more subtle rose look or even a bold summer eye!

To conclude, I would HIGHLY recommend this palette to any blush addict or even those who use blush as part of their makeup routine, as you get a good amount of product for such a low price as well as being such high quality!

Hope you enjoyed this first impression! Let us know what you think down below 🙂

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