St.Tropez Gradual Tan – First Time Fake Tanning Review

As someone who is naturally on the paler end of the spectrum I thought it was time that I allow myself to experience life as a golden goddess. Now to many this may not seem like a big deal, people fake tan all the time, but there’s one factor that has planted a seed of doubt in my head…. I’ve never fake tanned before!

Before jumping in at the deep end I took my time to look for some highly rated self tanners and stumbled across the St.Tropez Gradual Tanner. Most were raving about this product saying how it left them with a natural golden glow, fair to say I was sold!

This product claims to “provide a subtle bronzing effect instantly, then continues to develop after application effortlessly and seamlessly” what I found interesting was that the product is “perfect” for everyday use.


Step 1 – Exfoliate. To do this step I used my current favourite body scrub by Soap and Glory. Apply a healthy chunk to each of my legs and arms then went on to rinse all product from my body.

Step 2 – Apply to product. Dabbing dots of the product all over my legs and arms I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was no strong scent and that the product was tinted which made it easier to identify areas I may have missed.

Step 3 – Wait!

Before product was rubbed in.

After product was rubbed in!

The next day

With images of waking up to a pair of cheese puffs for legs I was anxious to say the least. Slowly prying my eyes open I looked at my arms and was over the moon with the results! They had a natural looking tan to them with no patches in sight, or at least until I checked my elbows…. It had appeared that my left elbow got a little more love than the other, so in a panic I took to the internet to find ways to help solve my problem. To my surprise St.Tropez actually have top tips on how to balance out an uneven tan! Number one on the list was to exfoliate the target area, doing so for about five minutes I was thankful to find that this managed to get the colour to die down but not completely sort it.

As far as my legs go, there was no cheese puffs in sight! Left with a set of legs that had a natural and even tan all over I was excited to show the world, or at least my dog, my new look.

Even though i’m currently rocking a slightly dark elbow, I would highly recommend that anyone who is on the lighter side or just wants to top up on their summer tan to use this product, it’s easy to use, affordable and results can be seen within 5 minutes!

Hope you enjoyed this review, let us know what you think down below or any questions you may have!

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