Ebay Makeup: £1.50 Beauty Blenders

In a world that is dominated by Beauty Blenders, it’s hard to find a makeup lover that isn’t obsessed with the sponge. Many trends have escalated from this tool, such as using condoms, socks and sex toys to find the next item that will leave our makeup looking as snatched at the BB does. Some have even been sending images of the Blender to their less knowledgeable acquaintances asking the complicated question “What is this?” in which they would more often than not reply with “An Egg”. No one can argue that the Beauty Blender is an item created by god him/herself and all though some may argue; it’s more than just a sponge! But some must agree with me when I say £15 is quite a price to pay for a “Sponge”. But do those for less of a price really compare? This is what I’m going to be testing in today post!

eBay is a site that I’m sure we’re all familiar with, it’s a place to go when you want highly priced items for less, this includes makeup. Now 70% of the time what you order is what you get, but it’s the other 30% you have to look out for!

When searching for Beauty Blenders I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of genuine products that seemed to be on the site! However, one specifically caught my eye “3 Beauty Blenders – £4.50”. These seemed genuine enough and had positive reviews all around, convinced that I had found myself a bargain I was excited for my new purchases to arrive!  

3 days later my package was with me, and I was surprised by what I was given to say the lease. The three Blenders were sealed in a plastic envelope and they were much smaller than expected. As you would imagine a low price blender to feel, it was firm and remained this way even when soaked in water. Giving it the benefit of the doubt I set off on the mission to create a flawless skin look with my new weapon… I failed miserably. Due to the blender being so small it took 10x longer than normal and left my makeup patchy in areas due to the sponge being so firm, accepting defeat I reached for my much loved BB.

Waking up the next morning for work I was determined to get my £4.50 worth and make these devilled eggs work! When previously using them I noticed that due to the sponge being so firm they hardly absorbed any product and thought that they may work well for contour and baking. Dipping the pointed end into my Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour pallet I drew a near perfect line just below the check bones, jaw and forehead, then proceeded to use my regular BB to blend in the product. This left me with a natural finish that would fool anyone into thinking I’ve naturally got the facial structure of a Greek god. Next step, baking. Grabbing a clean blender I dipped the larger part of the blender into my Laura Mercier powder. Due to the sponge being so small it perfectly fit my under eye area and even allowed me to get those hard to reach crevices with the pointed edge. Making my second trial with the product a much more positive experience than the first.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with this product, even though it doesn’t quite do what it says on the tin, it has its other uses and does so pretty well! If you’re someone who wears products such as concealer, foundation and cream contour I would highly recommend purchasing the genuine Beauty Blender as it has multiple purposes and does the job perfectly. Despite what it says on the package, these can last months or at least until mold can be seen… So to conclude I can confirm that eBays Beauty Blenders loose this battle! 

What eBay dupe would you like us to try next? Let us know down in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Ebay Makeup: £1.50 Beauty Blenders

  1. I love that you tried to use these for different things! I think I would have just thrown them to the back of my drawer if the hadn’t worked the first time!

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