RCMA No-Color Powder – Review

I have been an advocate of baking for about two years now. I can’t complete my makeup without doing this step. It is so vital and I just do not feel comfortable without doing it. As I have been practicing the ‘art’ of baking my concealer for quite some time, I have come across a few different powders – and most are not so great.

So, let’s start with the basics..

Baking is a term that has been used for years in the drag world. It involves setting your concealer/foundation with a translucent powder. Leaving the powder on top of the area for about 10 minutes to essentially ‘bake’; we use this term as the powder works with the temperature of your skin to set the makeup in place. Once set, the powder is simply brushed away to reveal beautiful makeup that will last all day.

Being such a makeup junkie, I have basically tried every recommended setting powder out there and I still go back to the same (very expensive) one. Everyone associates baking with Laura Mercier, and quite rightly so! Their translucent powder is so cult and I have never questioned why. The powder is so luxurious and does the job like no other I have tried – well, until now.


I had heard of the RCMA translucent powder for some time in the beauty community however I always struggled to find it in the UK. Thankfully, we have a fantastic website called Beauty Bay – this place really is a Godsend – it brings all the highly wanted brands from the US to the UK. Beauty Bay finally brought RCMA to their shelves and I had to give it a go.

Product Information 

RCMA No-Color Powder

The perfect universal setting powder for all skin types! No-Color powder contains absolutely no pigments, no perfume, no fillers and will never alter your foundation shade or natural skin tone. It will set your make-up with a flawless finish that won’t cause flashback.


Ingredients: Talc, Silica

The Arrival

I was expecting a rather large component however upon receiving the product I was pleasantly surprised by the small, travel friendly size. I find that the Laura Mercier powder is not so friendly to travel with.

How I Applied The Product

As usual, I did my base makeup and applied any liquids/creams before dipping my Beauty Blender into the powder and setting under my eyes, t-zone, and beneath my contour. Leaving for 10 minutes and brushing away with a soft, stippling brush.

The powder is very fine and a stark white colour, so silky to touch. I was extremely pleased when I put this product on my face to ‘bake’. It did the job perfectly. It is actually very comparable to the Laura Mercier powder. My makeup didn’t budge (hallelujah), did not crease and my face never felt dry, plus the colour was not altered (that is so hard to find in a powder).

RCMA No-Color powder

RCMA No-Color powder blended

The Only Negative

The component is a plastic tube with a screw top and a sifter opening. I don’t know what their intentions were for you to use this packaging as I find it extremely difficult. I can’t use the sifter as the product goes everywhere so I have to dip my sponge directly into the powder. This is very messy and I find that I waste a lot of product doing this.


Final Thoughts

After two weeks use, I have forgotten all about my previous love and have fallen hard for this product. I have worn it from 5 hours at a time to almost 10 and have not touched up once – that’s more than a deal breaker for me. Overall, the product is great but the packaging lets it down. I can truly say that this is a complete game changer and could see it working for everyone!

We would love to hear your thoughts on baking and let us know the products you use by commenting below and don’t forget to check out our May Favourites post! P.S we are going to be doing a giveaway when we reach 1000 Instagram followers so make sure to follow us there; our social media accounts are below (we always follow back).





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