Best Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

Makeup Geek is really stepping up their game this year. From lip products to bronzers, their cult eyeshadows can easily be forgotten. So, today we are going back to basics and remembering why we fell in love with the brand to begin with.

Makeup Geek have three types of eyeshadows; eyeshadow pans, foiled eyeshadows and duochrome shadows. In my opinion their foiled eyeshadows can’t be beaten! So here are my top, can’t live without Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans.



Let’s start with the most basic shade, Corrupt. This is the most black eyeshadow on the market. It is so highly pigmented, it can be used as eyeliner. The problem I find with most black shadows is the heavy fall out, however this particular shade hardly creates any.

FullSizeRender (8)


Vanilla Bean

Another pretty simple shade, but one that I can’t be without; Vanilla bean is the most basic, boring colour but it is so necessary. The colour matches my skin tone almost perfectly so it is great as a base for your eye look. It is also amazing at sharpening a cut crease.

FullSizeRender (9)


Peach Smoothie

This is one of Makeup Geek’s most cult shades. It is the perfect colour to use as a transition in the crease, or simply brushed all over the lid. It is so flattering and the one shadow I would say everyone needs in their kit.

FullSizeRender (10)


Desert Sands

If you are not quite brave enough to use an orange eyeshadow (like myself), this is the perfect alternative. Desert Sands is highly pigmented and works perfectly as a transitional colour. I love to use this shade when I am trying to achieve a natural look.

FullSizeRender (11)



This is one of Makeup Geek’s duochrome eyeshadows. This is a light vanilla base with golden, almost champagne flecks. This shade is so flattering placed all over the eyelid with a soft, matte transition colour in the crease. To get the most intense pigment, I would suggest applying with your fingertip.




This is my favourite duochrome shadow, in fact, it may be my favourite Makeup Geek eyeshadow (big claim). This has a yellow base that reflects yellow and green. It’s the most pretty way to, almost, wear a green eyeshadow. This shade is so intense and creamy. I would suggest this to anyone who loves a unique eye.



Magic Act

Magic Act is my all time favourite foiled shadow from the brand. It is so intense and looks amazing all over the lid with Desert Sands in the crease. To intensify this product, use your fingertip to apply or spray some MAC fix plus on a brush before dipping into the shadow.



Starry Eyed

This is quite a unique shade, another of Makeup Geek’s foiled shadows. Almost an understated pink, champagne colour that is flattering on basically anyone. If I am going out but don’t want a super ‘out there’ look I will apply this shade to the center third of my eyelid and pop a light brown in the crease and outer part of my eye.



In The Spotlight

This is another of their foiled shadows. This looks really pink in the pan but it’s not as scary or intense as you may think. I don’t usually like pink eyeshadows on myself but I can get away with this colour. I like to apply this all over my eyelid and pair it with a light pink lipstick and a shimmery blush.




Let us know if you have tried any Makeup Geek products and Tweet us what you would like to see next!


You can buy Makeup Geek products on BeautyBay:

Eyeshadow Pans – £4.95

Foiled Eyeshadow Pans – £7.95

Duochrome Pans – £4.95


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