Battle Of The Concealers – Urban Decay V Bourjois

Drugstore V High end. Urban Decay V Bourjois. Both brands are well known within the makeup community, all due to their high quality products. When it comes to makeup nothing can transform one more than a high coverage concealer. With a simple dab of the wand all insecurities vanish (well most of them). This is why I believe its important to find that perfect concealer that works for you!

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer

Probably my most used concealer at the moment and for the small
price of £7.99. This product is perfect for those who want to cover daConcealerrk circles and any
imperfections.  By having a shade that’s a bit on the lighter side will allow you to highlight areas such as your nose, forehead, under eyes and cupids bow (my personal fav). For an extra bonus this product leaves a bit more of a dewy look, hence the name “Radiance”, which adds to that highlighted effect. Matching this product with your skin tone will provide a flawless look that can make anyone look like they’ve had at least 12 hours sleep! So if your local drugstore has this to offer, definitely give this product a go.

Urban Decay Naked Concealer

One of makeups most famous brands/products, if you know anything makeup then you most likely have heard of this product. As previously mentioned I tend to use the Bourjois concealer on the daily, but for those special moments or the vary rare occasion that I go “out out” I almost always reach for this product. Unlike the Bourjois concealer this is product has more of a matte finish, perfect for occasions where you know that you will be having your picUDture taken, as it reduces the risk of looking oily when a flash is applied. Being a more high coverage concealer means that it’s easy to cover those unwanted dark circles, that form after staying up too late to try and squeeze in that extra episode on Netflix, or even those spots that don’t want to budge (my chin is my enemy). This product comes in many shades for all skin tones, as well as having a colour correcting line, so there truly is something for everyone, of all skin types.



Hope you enjoyed the Drugstore V High comparison! Let us know if there’s any products you want us to compare next!

Image Source: Bourjois Concealer – Boots/ Naked Concealer – Urban Decay


3 thoughts on “Battle Of The Concealers – Urban Decay V Bourjois

      1. Yes!!! It’s been on my list for a long time now. But the lightest shade is always sold out here in Belgium haha!! Maybe I should just bite the bullet and order it on… xoxo Sarah


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