MAC & Benefit Beauty Haul

After debating on what products I currently need, rather than what products I want, I came to the conclusion that my lips were in some serious need of some va va voom, and my eyebrows some much needed taming! So with this in mind I hit my local shopping centre to see what i could find.

MAC Faux Lipstick

First stop MAC. Faux is one of the stores more popular shades, and after a swift swipe of the (what was left) tester I knew it was the shade for me. Being a satin finish means that my lips don’t look like I haven’t had a sip of water in the last month, nor like gloss has been applied. For those who don’t like bold colours or your classical nude tones this is the perfect compromise, this shade is more of dusty rose, so it can be worn with more natural looks or with a bold look for those nights on the town!

Image result for mac faux

MAC Edge to Edge Lip Liner

The perfect pair to Faux! As someone who isn’t so gifted in the lip department, I set out on my adventure with the goal to find the perfect lip liner that will give the illusion of an upper lip. Edge to Edge does just that! Personally I line my lips lightly (staying within the lines) first so I have a guide line when over drawing me lips, so the end results still represent my natural lip shape.  Once this is done I simply retrace the shape but this time slightly further out than before, until I’m happy with the size. To finish off apply Faux and you’ll be looking like you just stepped out the clinic!

Image result for edge to edge mac lip liner

Benefit Ready Set Brow

Personally I’m all about fluffy brows, so when I tested this product out and was left with feathered brows I knew this was the product for me! Unlike other brow products I have previously tested out, the clear gel sets and drys your eyebrows into your desired place within seconds, however once the final transformation has taken place your left with no white dry crust (not the best description) nor the feeling of your brows being super glued to your forehead. With my brows set in place I realised there was only one more test for this product to pass… will it rip out all my eyebrow hairs when removing the product! Coconut oil at hand (trust me it’s a miracle worker) I set out to the task at hand, after a speedy 10 seconds both eyebrows remained intact with my face! So if your someone who prefers fluffy brows that wont move or a general brow lover, this product is a must have!

Image result for benefit ready set brow

Hope you enjoyed this mini hall, let us know some of your recent beauty purchases below!


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